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Berlingame 8/17/09

I took these photos the day before I went back to Osaka. I stayed one night at Vagabond Hotel close to the airport. It was the second time I stayed there, but I gave myself a reward and stayed at ocean view room. There is a path way along the peninsular, and people who stay there or live there strolling around and watching airplane come and go. I really like the place. Even the restaurant/bar next to the hotel is very reasonable and food there is tasty. Maybe when I came back to San Francisco, I want to find a place in South Bay.....

From Berlingame 8/17/09
From Berlingame 8/17/09
From Berlingame 8/17/09 It says Bay Trail.

From Berlingame 8/17/09 lots of flower

From Berlingame 8/17/09
From Berlingame 8/17/09 It is really a walking distance to behind the SF airport.

From Berlingame 8/17/09 Around me, actually local people was doing evening picknick and looking at airplaines here. What is it there? Aero Mexico? Air China?

Japan town festival part #1, 8/16/09

It was a day of the new opening day of the New People @ Japantown, San Francisco. I invited my partner. He likes Japanese culture than me. He liked J-girl rock'n roll band.

送信者 Japantown Festival, 8/16/19
Me and partner at the festival.

送信者 Japantown Festival, 8/16/19

送信者 Japantown Festival, 8/16/19
With Hello Kitty. (Kitty chan)
I have to say that I lost 6 kg after coming back to Japan. Alway gain weight when I am in America....

送信者 Japantown Festival, 8/16/19
Kawaii fashion guy was getting interview. Japanese American costume fan.

送信者 Japantown Festival, 8/16/19


Japantown Festival part #3, 8/16/09

kawaii fashion show, contest

From Japantown Festival, 8/16/09

Kawaii friends

From Japantown Festival, 8/16/09

Kimono techno dance

From Japantown Festival, 8/16/09

21世紀少年 プロモ イン サンフランシスコ
Movie, 21 century boy promotion in San Francisco
常磐貴子ちゃん Takako Tokiwa

From Japantown Festival, 8/16/09

From Japantown Festival, 8/16/09


New People 8/16/09

Here is interior of the New People Japantown, SF on an opening day.

First floor stores.

Stair hall drawings.
Top floor view to Post St. There were Kawaii fashion show and Japanese food vendors, and ruffle ticket to Japan!

First day of the Super Flog gallery. 3rd floor of New People. Amano Yoshitaka solo show.
New People Yoshitaka Amano

UC Berkeley, 8/15/09'

Here is my photos that I visited UC Berkeley last summer. Unlike San Francisco cold August, it was hot over there, and nice....

送信者 UC Berkeley, 8/15/09
送信者 UC Berkeley, 8/15/09 With my former English teacher friend, Mr. Michael. He is also a writer of the Lonely Planet.

送信者 UC Berkeley, 8/15/09
送信者 UC Berkeley, 8/15/09 I don't know what that is, but I like the historical design.