May 4, 2011

My gay protest photo is on a website

My photography on gay marriage protest was used in the main website at the Minnesota organization. They found me on goggle, so we got connected.
Here is the website.
More photos in the series.

May 1, 2011

Charity Concert by Latinos in Kansai 2011/5/1

I found this post at Nishinari, and I feel like I wanted to help Tohoku people by just enjoying the Latino show, so I went to the Charity Concert. Also, I was curious who are the latino people who live in Kansai area.
There are handmade food, Spanish, Peruvian music and dance, as well as prayers and songs for Tohoku people before starting the show.


Filipino Christian women are singing.

Peruvian harp. 梅田周辺でレストランをしている人だと思います。

It was far and dark to capture, so I took photo on the wall reflecting flamenco dancer.

I think they are a couple who play guitar and dance flamenco together.

Peruvian harp.

After finished the concert at the hall, they were still doing performance at the entrance of the church, and still asking for donation.

Japanese dancers are shorter than they would be in Spain, but they look cute on their costumes.

A guy on the left sing flamenco in Spanish, and he sang very well. I wanted to ask why he could sing good and where he learned about. He spoke good Spanish too and had a lot of experience with latin songs.

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