Nov 20, 2014

Chicago Nov 20th 2014

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Chicago Nov 20th 2014
Touring around Chicago downtown with Picasso and Darlene. Thank you!! xoxo


My new friend couple.
They are like my new American parents.
(I have another American parents already...) 

He likes Ryoma towel (坂本龍馬)I gave, and he put on his neck all the time. 

Looking Lake Michigan on the left 

Art Institute Chicago 

Chicago Tribune 

It used to be a water company. 

坂本龍馬手ぬぐい Samurai towel give to my stamp artist friend

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I gave Mr. Picasso, Ryoma Sakamoto Japanese hands towel with the family crest design, and he likes to hang on his neck all the time. lol He likes the black and white, Samurai design. 

(note: this is just a joke of his and no kidnapping or some sort, but he pretends to be Samurai.. haha...)

Nov 18, 2014

Nov 18th 2014 SFO - Chigago O’Hare

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Nov 18th 2014 SFO - Chigago O’Hare 

It was snowy day and could not see much from the sky.

down there in the middle of nowhere in midwest.... all frozen farmland

I liked this image, so I used it for New Year card!!

It is not the ocean but Lady Michigan! huge!! I saw several ships.

down there it was city of Chicago or vicinity. 
It was 4-5 pm but it was dark already. getting worried for picked up.

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